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Group Work

Group work with the T-PEN transcription tool

Note that users are strongly encouraged to use Chrome when transcribing in the T-PEN application.

Users can practice transcribing any of the manuscript documents in this site and save their transcriptions to return to another day. You also can share your transcriptions with other individuals or a group. To do so, use the "Collaboration" button in the T-PEN transcription tool.

All of the manuscript documents have been pre-parsed for use with the T-PEN transcription tool, but sometimes small adjustments are needed. Users can make those adjustments for themselves, using the “Correct parsing” button. However, if a teacher wishes to correct parsing in any of the documents, globally, for all future users, he or she can request special administrative privileges. A user who has been granted administrative privileges will see an “Edit Master Documents” button (not accessible to regular users), which allows him/her to correct the parsing in the master document, not just in an individual project.