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Letter signed by Philip II, King of Spain, to his nephew Rudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor
Letter of Paul Lejeune to Cardinal de Richelieu
Letter of John Stanlaw to John Randulf, viscount of Caen, regarding a program of repairs to be made at the castle of Caen
Les xv joyes Nostre Dame
Les croniques de Nicolas Trivet
Legal papers concerning the estate of René de Hodon
Legal notebook
Legal documents concerning the inventory of the estate of Jean Nicollet
Lectures on the Charter of the Forests, reissued by Henry III in 1225
Leasing contract
Le roman de Tristan de Léonois
Land sale by Pierre le Canu
Land grant of Annet d'Anglars to his mother Avoise de Tabou
Lancelot du lac
La Fayette-Langeac Contredict 2
La Fayette-Langeac Contredict
La Charité quittance
L'enfant sage à trois ans [qui] fut interrogé par Adrian empereur lequel luy rendit responce de chacune chose qui luy demande
Itinerarium [French]
Inventaire du mobilier et du matériel d’imprimerie de Jean Chardon