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Paleography search supports escaping special characters that are part of the query syntax. The current list special characters are

+ - && || ! ( ) { } [ ] ^ " ~ * ? :

To escape these character use the \ before the character. For example to search for (1+1):2 use the query:


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Bail du moulin de Les Roches-l'Evêque, 1593
Confirmation by King Henry II of the privileges granted to the Sainte-Chapelle of Dijon by his predecessors the Dukes of Burgundy and Kings of France
La Fayette-Langeac Contredict
Land grant of Annet d'Anglars to his mother Avoise de Tabou
Partage de l'héritage de François de L'Estang
Prussurot-Raveneau partnership agreement
Sentence du sénéchal d'Auvergne
Simiane papers
Tournon papers